01 Feb: Some notes on LLMs in real-world contexts (Part 1)


18 Nov: Website redesign (markdown + pandoc) 08 Jun: Teaching 'Language and the Computer'


23 Jan: In case you hadn't noticed...


14 May: Automating the coding of implicit motives (Paper announcement)


16 Sep: Computer-assisted syntactic reconstruction 12 Sep: ICAAL 7 Proceedings volume


24 Jul: Fieldwork in Myanmar 21 Feb: Moving to Zurich


03 Dec: Neural Networks: Some lessons from text classification


Useful Linguistic Links

Hiram on
Hiram on GitHub:

World Atlas of Language Structures online:
World Phonotactics Database:
Linguistics resource links (by SuperSummary):

Working with sound files and annotation
Praat for analyzing waveforms:
Transcriber 1.5.1 for time-alignment:
Toolbox for glossing and inter-linearizing:
ELAN for annotating and linking sound/video with time-aligned text:
Andrew Margett’s online tool for converting Transcriber files to Toolbox/ELAN:
My (Hiram’s) tool for offline conversion of Transcriber files to Toolbox/ELAN:
My other tool for converting Toolbox txt files into subtitles:

Audacity for editing sound files:
MPEG Streamclip for editing/re-coding video:
Media Converter for quick drag/drop re-coding of audio and video (Mac):
Rewrap2M4V for re-wrapping .MTS files to .M4V (Mac): See this thread
RewrapAVCHD for re-wrapping .MTS, .M2TS and .M2T files to .M4V files (Mac): on MacUpdate

SoX command line utilities:
Bill Poser’s tutorials on using SoX for linguistics:

Formatting and typesetting
Word for Linguists (Susanna Cumming):
LaTeX for Linguists (Doug Arnold):
LyX (LaTeX front-end graphical editor):

Corpus tools
R and RStudio for statistical analysis:
ToolboxSearch (Taras Zakharko) for creating an R-searchable corpus directly from Toolbox:

Keyboards and Fonts
IPA Fonts:
IPA Unicode Keyboards:
Ukelele keyboard manager for Mac:

Below is a zipped folder of sound files that I used in a Praat workshop. You can download the workshop guide on my page (linked above). The file below also contains scripts that you can find on my GitHub page.

Download File