01 Feb: Some notes on LLMs in real-world contexts (Part 1)


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23 Jan: In case you hadn't noticed...


14 May: Automating the coding of implicit motives (Paper announcement)


16 Sep: Computer-assisted syntactic reconstruction 12 Sep: ICAAL 7 Proceedings volume


24 Jul: Fieldwork in Myanmar 21 Feb: Moving to Zurich


03 Dec: Neural Networks: Some lessons from text classification



Downloads, resources

I finished a new solo album in 2011, and have been working on writing more material during/after completing my PhD. You can hear some of it on SoundCloud. For usage requests, get in touch with me via the form on the Home page.

home-hiramring-albumbooklet.pdf Download File

The album art for ‘Home’ is available! Click the link above to download the PDF file, and put it in your music folder. Physical copies of the album should be available on Amazon before too long, I’ll let you know when that happens.

Mp3 downloads

theproblem-hiramring.mp3 Download File

The Problem: This is a new recording of a song that I released on my Go From Here EP in early 2007. The situation it describes is still a struggle in my life. I recorded and mixed this in my home studio here in Singapore.

jesusholdmeinyourarms-hiramring.mp3 Download File

Jesus Hold Me In Your Arms: This is a song that I was working on for a couple years and recently re-recorded in Singapore. I added some instruments and finished this mix while on fieldwork in India.

Sheet music

communion_hymn_-_hiram_ring.pdf Download File

Communion Hymn is a song I wrote while on tour in 2009. I was visiting some friends near Easter time and the words flowed out of me in the space of several minutes. Matthew Monticchio helped me make adjustments to the music, and we released it on 12 Gates. You can also hear it on the Songs for the Supper compilation by Cardiphonia.

come_holy_spirit_come.pdf Download File

Come Holy Spirit Come is a re-tuning of the wonderful text by Joseph Hart, 1759. You can find it on 12 Gates, as well as the Pentecost Songs compilation by Cardiphonia. A version by J. Paris and B. Almquist adds a chorus to my tune, and you can get ahold of it here.

o_little_child_-_hiram_ring.pdf Download File

O Little Child is a Christmas song I wrote in 2006. This PDF doesn’t quite follow the original arrangement, but you should be able to get the general gist. I’ll try to upload a new PDF before too long. You can find it on the first Pageant Music Christmas album, Word >>> Flesh.


You can read an essay I wrote about the need for modern hymns on Sandra McCracken’s site, New Old Hymns.


I try to keep a regular video blog (sometimes more successfully than others) about my music and experiences. You can check out my channel on YouTube to find out more. Below are a couple of the music videos I’ve done.