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  Music has always been an important part of my life. Since growing up as the child of missionaries in Ghana (West Africa) I have experienced many different kinds of music, learning as I went. In 2007 I started performing in and around Lancaster, PA, recorded some albums, received some radio airplay (WJTL, WXPN) and then hit the road in 2009 for a three month tour on the eastern seaboard and as far west as Oklahoma and Illinois. In 2010 I was accepted to a PhD program in Linguistics and moved to Singapore, where I continue to write and record music, though at a slower pace.

Projects, Discography

Below are some of the projects/albums I’ve been involved in. You can find most of the people I have worked with under the Music Links section of the website.

ENCS Music

In Singapore I have written songs and contributed to projects with ENCS Music. You can hear some of my work on the recent Momentum album, a solid album of worship songs released in 2015/2016. It was fabulous to be able collaborate with NeliIlyMark, Alarice, and a number of other talented musicians and writers.


I’ve been excited to contribute to compilations by Cardiphonia, a collective of artists that is the brainchild of Bruce Benedict, and which brings together many musical expressions of what is being called the ‘retuned hymns movement’. You can listen to and download many of these compilations on Cardiphonia’s BandCamp site.

12 gates (Pageant music)

2010. An album of sacred songs and re-tuned hymns, the first Pageant Music release. It features a bunch of musicians and artists from in and around the Lancaster, PA area. You can still get it as a download on Noisetrade, and can learn more details about the songs and performers on Pageant Music’s blog.

Love >>> Begotten (Pageant music)

2008. The second Pageant Music Christmas album. There are still a few physical copies around. The album also received airplay, on WJTL and WXPN. You can find this also on iTunes and BandCamp.

Breathe deep (Hiram Ring)

2009. My first solo album. Find it on iTunes and BandCamp.

Word >>> Flesh (Pageant Music)

2007. A Christmas album, this was our first official Pageant Music production. It received radio airplay on WJTL and has sold out of physical copies - you can still find it digitally on iTunes and BandCamp.