AI websites


This website is newly updated! I just redesigned the layout and will be making it a bit more writing-oriented over the coming days and weeks. The reason for this is because of a realization that while I still enjoy writing and producing music (and you can still link to all my music-related content via the navigation menu), my focus and life/work trajectory has really shifted.

Another reason I haven’t updated this site more regularly and done more blogging is that at the end of 2015 I thought the AI website builder of the future was right around the corner ( As you can read from this post, I (and so many other people) were wrong.

I can’t really complain though - I think I got quite a lot from what I spent on the product, including a curiosity about A.I. and an understanding of how far we have to go before computers defeat humans and run our lives. I also got a website that I’m too embarrassed to link here because it basically looks like a really bad Tumblr account… like my old (now essentially defunct) Tumblr.

Anyway, I’ll keep checking my AI website periodically, and maybe I’ll be able to finally move everything from here to that site and my life will achieve some semblance of integration.