February 2017 Update


This is my first update in a long while, as I notice that this blog hasn’t been updated since 2015. I blame life and the ease of posting short updates on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. Since my last post I started a new job, started dating an amazing lady and got married. No raised eyebrows please! It HAS been over a year and a half; things happen.

What this probably means is that updates are not super-likely to come daily or weekly. It’s hard to change habits, particularly when writing on a blog is not on the top of my list (being replaced with research, family, etc..). However, I am working on a few processes to write a bit more frequently, since it’s good practice and I have a lot of thoughts rattling around my brain.

In particular, I enjoy sharing what I know, whether it’s about products I find useful (like the Hanvon that I reviewed in a series of blog posts [Part 1, Part 2, Part 3]) or about processes. The processes I have been developing in the past year are related to data management and workflow, some of which I was taught, some of which I taught myself, and some of which I learned from the internet.

My initial work as a PhD student in linguistics involved Language Documentation and Description, which I hope to continue to do. Now I’m doing more Python programming and data analysis, which I find requires a somewhat different skill set, yet one informs the other. In what I hope will be a series of blog posts, I’ll try to unpack these things, in hopes that they will be useful for other people traveling similar roads.