How to play ‘Breathe Deep’


I’ve been traveling a lot the last few weeks, holidaying in Cebu (where I learned how to scuba dive, which was fabulous) and Hong Kong, and I’m off to Indonesia next week. My church also released a new EP, which I’ll blog about shortly. And more blogs to come about my travels. For now, though, I made an instructional video of how to play the song ‘Breathe Deep’, which is a jazzy tune on my first full length album of the same name. The catalyst for this video was a friend in Norway who wanted to learn it, which made me realize that all I had to show people how to play it was a rough chord chart. I play most things by ear, and I don’t always know what the names of the chords are that I come up with for my songs, so for those who are not as ear-oriented I thought this video would be helpful. Check it out below.