An update and a Praat script


Well now that I’ve submitted my thesis I have been happily doing other things than writing. Among which, moving house (I’m staying with a friend for a couple months), planning adventures, hanging out with friends, and applying for jobs. It’s been good to catch up with people and not have something hanging over my head any longer.

Last week I also tidied up my desk and tied up some loose ends, one of which was a Praat script. As I have mentioned before, online communities are a fabulous place to learn about various things, and one that is particularly active in regards to Praat can be found here on Yahoo. Praat is a free program to image and manipulate sound files (particularly for linguistic purposes) and scripts that automate various features can be extremely useful. I tried to write one that would plot a series of vowels with a circle encompassing the vowel spaces and a single character of the vowel in the center of each ellipse, but I was having trouble. José was able to rewrite the script for a cleaner and better result, for which I am extremely grateful.

For other linguists interested in a script that plots a series of vowels (F1, F2) from a CSV file, check out the link above or the file below.


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Travel plans are coming together nicely, so I’ll be updating a bit more often in the coming weeks, unless I get too busy having fun!