Open Mic at The Beast


I’m beginning to explore the local music scene here in Singapore, and this past Thursday I went to the open mic night at The Beast. The restaurant and bourbon bar has a great southern country feel with a personal touch, the brainchild of Jamie, who spent a significant amount of time in the southern US.

Mike, an American who’s lived in Singapore for the past 9 years, runs the open mic and handles the sound for all the musicians. He welcomed me warmly when I introduced myself before my set, and encouraged me to get more involved in the local music scene, introducing me to some of the other musicians who were there.

After my set, Jamie taught me what the difference was between whiskey and bourbon - a common question she gets. The menu looked fabulous, with chicken & waffles, and a huge burger with a 30-minute challenge. All too soon I had to head home to bed, in order to make it to the office the next morning, but I’ll be back for sure!