Back to..?



So I’ve been lax for the past few months in updating this blog. I guess I’ve been a bit busy with other things. That’s my excuse anyway. A 500-page dissertation to write, an undocumented language to describe, a brain to fry (my own, that is). But that’s still no excuse.

Recently I’ve been cooking at home more, making spaghetti, peanut chicken, and other things that are filling, familiar, relatively simple, and good. Spaghetti reminds me a bit of my life… red and white, some onions and garlic, a bit of meat and a whole lot of tomatoes.. but seriously, just look at all those strands. So tangled. So complicated.

I’m hoping the next few months will be a bit more simple. Back to basics. Less traveling for work. A bit less stress. Maybe I’ll get organized and start blogging more. And writing more, not just on my thesis. Sometimes I forget how much I like to write. I also have to start looking for job, but that’s a bridge yet to be crossed, all in good time. Here’s hoping this isn’t just a good intention that’s hard to maintain.