Meghalaya & environs



Playing cards on the Majuli ferry.

I’m in Meghalaya at the moment, enjoying the hospitality of my friends in Jowai. On my way here I visited friends on Majuli, the largest river island in the world, where they are studying traditional erosion- control practices. The picture above is from the ferry crossing.

The picture below is of the transport stand in Shillong where you can find transport to Jowai. The typical ‘shared taxi’ here is called a Sumo - an all-terrain vehicle that takes 12 people, including the driver, and as many children and belongings as can fit, to navigate the winding, single-lane roads found in these hills. It’s a cosy ride, but not too uncomfortable, and sometimes you can have a good conversation on the way.


The sumo taxi stand in Shillong (Jowai and eastern routes)