About ‘Home’


This album is mostly composed of songs I wrote in 2009/2010 and recorded guitar and vocals for in my first semester at NTU in Singapore, at SoundFarm Production Studios. It has just taken a while to finalize. In many ways I was searching for home in that season, trying to find fulfillment in relationships or situations, and ultimately coming back to my need for God. Themes of love, journey, and loss are pretty prominent, as are metaphors that use nature imagery.

There’s a lot of need and raw emotion in this album, but I hope it is tempered by thoughtful reflection, and some more playful tunes. The common thread of ‘home’ runs through each of the songs, whether in companionship or in relationship with God. I like the idea of a central idea that is not necessarily explicit, i.e. there is no song called ‘Home’, instead it is a running theme throughout the album. Which of the songs most essentially captures the idea? I’ll let you be the judge of that.