My first post of the new year


So this is my first official post of the new year, and also my first post on the new blog which is integrated with my website. I like the idea of having everything in one location, so everyone who wants to can just come to to learn more about my life and my music.

Over the next month or two I hope to figure out how to either migrate my old posts over to here, or maybe just link to it from here. And I also hope to start blogging more regularly. I think it’s something I need to schedule, since I’m already busy with other things and this is just one more thing to do. Case in point: it’s taken me a lot longer to release this new album than I thought it would.

That being said, though, I’m happy to say that the album is being mastered and the artwork is being worked on as I write this, which is super exciting! Stay posted for more details!

  I’m also writing a bit of new music, and here’s a song that I wrote a few months ago and recorded a couple weeks ago. Enjoy!